Exercise Therapy is all about giving you the freedom you need to achieve your health and fitness goals.

As a Personal Trainer/ Sports Therapist my main aim is to help my clients set realistic fitness goals which enhance their overall health but specifically look to improve body composition and physical performance.

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About Me

Raasay Waters is a Sports Therapist graduate from the University of Central Lancashire, North England. Originally from Port Elizabeth, she moved back to Cape Town in April 2012.

  • She started up a Sports Therapy & Fitness Training business, specializing in Sports massage and Strength & Conditioning.
  • She has helped many endurance sports people recover from injuries and get back on the road through her strength and conditioning programmes.
  • She has helped many youngsters and children improve their strength and conditioning post injury.
  • She has worked at many multi day mountain biking and trail running events, helping them speed up their muscle recovery after each day with Sports Massage.
I currently own a business called Exercise Therapy. I run Outdoor individual and group functional training classes from Kids to adults, including Sports Massage & Kids fitness programmes.

I focus on Improving Strength, movement, mobility, balance & coordination, with the help of Strength exercises & exercises using your own body weight. This includes working on functional & stabilization exercises to reduce injuries & improve functioning of the body.


Functional Fitness for Kids 4-10 years old

Kids will learn Fundamental movements, Gross motor skills, agility, hand-eye co-ordination and cardio fitness through rope skipping, balance, gain strength and body conditioning through functional fitness.

What my clients say

“Max has benefitted massively from training with Raasay over the last 3 months. It has enabled him to develop core muscles which has allowed him to improve his posture, reduce his back pain and improve his strength and fitness” – Nadine Lennon, Constantia.
Max Lennon, 12 Years old
Ella’s experience training with Raasay was a great experience. She started off with knee pain and no core strength. Over the last few months Ella’s posture and core strength has improved massively including her coordination. I highly recommend Raasay to address any weaknesses or Imbalances. Marion Adamson, Bergvliet.
Ella Adamson, 11 years old
I would like to just let you know what an incredible difference you have made to my life. I came to you as a 77 year old, both knee replacements done in the last year with step-down and physiotherapy included, but with very little or even moderate use of my legs as I was hoping to achieve with the replacements. I saw your ad on our site, and even though I dislike gym intensely decided to “go for it”. That was a life changing decision. Within the first month my balance was restored 100% and the rest followed with the strengthening and other exercises. A further benefit was literally seeing my flab firming up and restoring my confidence, especially in my arms. I recently returned from a hectic 2 week trip to Italy where I walked up to 19,000 steps a day, and I reckon I climbed Mount Everest every 3 rd day, as Italy does not seem to do flat ground. I was able to do this and what is more enjoy the fact that I could keep up with the family and not have to sit and wait for their return on some bench! I have sent your details to my surgeon who does a great number of knee replacements and have suggested that he consider advising his clients as to the major benefits involved in your therapy. Thank you again Raasay for changing my life and enabling me to lead an active life once again.
Iris Van der Poll, Newlands
Raasay is professional and friendly. My lower back and knee pain was relieved through massage and rehabilitation exercises. I would recommend that any dedicated sportsperson visit Raasay on a regular basis to address any weaknesses or imbalances.
Paul Whitmill
Raasay Waters saved me from a life of pain and misery after I developed a frozen shoulder 5 years ago...I was frozen in pain making it impossible for me to surf, cycle, kayak, sleep or sit comfortably...over a period of a few months she worked my frozen shoulder to the point where life became normal again...first weekly sessions got me onto a course of recovery...and soon I was back to being normal again...and now I have committed myself to monthly maintenance sessions and look forward to exercising freely knowing that if anything needs tweaking Raasay is my first port of call....she offers a no nonsense service and gets to the source of the problem with intuitive ease...I have recommended her to many friends who have only returned with glowing reports...I can highly recommend Raasay to any person who is physically active and does not want the services of a machine toting physiotherapist but that of an physically active therapist who provides personalised service.
Peter Ridgway
Had a great experience. Friendly, great advice and reasonable rates. Helped me recover from from and injury that bother me for more than a month. Had 2 sessions and it healed completely. Thanks Raasay.
Zahieda Toefy
I met Raasay Waters, Sports Therapist a couple of years ago at Kelvin Country Club, Newlands, Cape Town. Having recently joined the gym together with a friend and needing help with an exercise program, one of the members identified Raasay as a personal trainer. Following our weekly sessions I find my physical strength, balance, and fitness has improved a lot as well as my mobility Raasay is a great motivator and keeps the sessions interesting, varied and never boring. She has a great sense of humour and we have lots of laughs. Even during Covid Lockdown, we were able to keep exercising via Zoom online. I highly recommend Raasay who is patient, caring and mindful of appropriate exercises for different age groups.
Celeste McCann & Udet Gooden August 17, 2020
I started attending Raasay's fitness classes at Kelvin Grove Club mid to end 2019. For the first time in years the exercise routine offered the right combination of engagement and stretch that brought relief from a lower back issue I have had for 8 years. Before that I had a year of classes at biokineticists that brought almost no pain relief results so I was very surprised and relieved. The strengthening and stretch combo also had an unexpected and very welcome spin-off in terms of sculpting and toning what had become a flabby unfit middle-aged me! I am delighted at the weights I can now handle and I can feel the beginning of a strong core, if not a six pack Lol! After some months of specialist instruction under her guidance (including Whatsapp and Zoom classes during lockdown)  we started physiotherapy. Raasay suggested I have a scan to rule out the possibility of an underlying structural reason for my constant glute and back spasms. It turned out I had some worn intervertebral discs, that caused a nerve or nerves to get trapped. Thanks to her I have now embarked on addressing that issue with a specialist.  The stretch and strength classes with Raasay will continue as part of my pain management routine.
Rene Lotter, Rosebank CT

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